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How easy is it to program OB7 robot?

It is very easy.  Actually, there is NO programming required.  The robot “learns” to do jobs from you.  Simply show the robot what to do and it remembers.  Specifics like the number of parts to put in a box, or the number of stacks to make are entered on the robots wireless keypad.

How much weight can it lift?

5 kg which is equal to about 11 lbs.

What are the benefits of having a 7 axis robots vs 6 axis?

The “7” means that the robot has 7 joints. Most collaborative robots have only 6 joints or less.  Having 7 joints or 7 axis points or 7 DOF (degrees of freedom) means that the robot can reach around something. For example, if your robot is operating a machine and it only has 6 joints, then you have to put the robot directly in front the work, which leaves limited room for a person to work alongside it.

How safe is it to work alongside OB7?

OB7 is safe because it has built in safety sensors. If the robot bumps into you it stops. This feature can also be used “on purpose” to inspect something. To put OB7 back to work, simply give it a tap.

Are the robot hands or grippers interchangeable?

Yes. Please contact us regarding setting up the right gripper for each of your applications.

How do I purchase an OB7 robot?

Please contact us to talk directly with Sales. We will be sure to get you everything you need to get OB7 working for your business.

How can I move OB7 from one application to another?

When OB7 is on it’s stand, it can easily be moved from one job to another. Each time you teach OB7 it learns and remembers the task for repetitive use. Ask us about our cloud backup package.

How easy is it to teach OB7?

Putting OB7 to work is a simple as pressing the “work” button, then selecting the job you want it to do. Then press “Go”

Please contact us to provide a private demonstration and tour.